Research fellows of “Sociology of Religion” took part in the 13th conference of the European Sociological Association ESA-2017 in Athens

СнимокFellow-researchers of the Laboratory took part in the 13th Conference of the European Association of Sociologists ESA-2017 in Athens. This year’s topic sounds: “(Un)making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities”. This conference is one of the largest sociological forums in Europe, it takes place every two years and gathers representatives of different countries and universities, researchers in different fields.
Tatiana Krihtova delivered her talk on “Ritual-making and care-proving in time-budget of modern Orthodox priests” in a section devoted to the Field Methodology of Religious Studies.

ESAMariia Goleva gave a talk on a topic “Where do Large Families Come From? Determinants of Large Families’ formation in Russian cities” (session “Family Planning and Fertility”). The paper was prepared in co-authorship with Ivan Pavlyutkin in the framework of research-project Fertility and social support networks: determinants of large families’ formation (ISEPR Foundation).