Current Projects

Orthodox Monitor


Religion and patterns of social and economic organzation. Elective affinity between religion and economy in Christian denominations in Switzerland and Russia

Fertility and social support networks: determinants of large families’ formation (ISEPR Foundation)

Analysis of the Time-Budget and Types of Activities of Priests (within the framework of the program of PSTGU Development Foundation in 2016)


Seminar “Gift Exchange Theory”. Grant: PSTGU

Religiosity influence on norms and values in Russia and European countries. Research grant: RFBR 14-06-31188

Priest in Modern World. Research Grant: PSTGU

Orthodox Monitor

Projects requiring financial support [researches at the initial stage]

Medicine as a Fertility Dynamics Factor in Russia. The Religious Functions of Medicine

Folk pedagogy

Economic ethics of the Contemporary Russian Orthodox Church

Completed Projects


Orthodox Monitor

Living on Debt: Social Meaning of Debt in the Communal life in Russia. Research Grant: PSTGU

Economic ethics of the Orthodox laity in modern Russia. Sociological analysis. Research Grant: RFH 14-33-01031


Social work organization on the Russian Orthodox Church parishes in the first half of XXI. Sociological Analysis. Research grant: RFH 12-03-00565

Social support networks in the Orthodox church community. Research grant: RF President’s Grant МК-4450.2012.6

Russian Orthodox Church in the Public Sphere: Deprivatization of Religion in Contemporary Russia. Research grant: Institute for Public Projects

Orthodox Monitor

Civic Engagement of Universities in Russia (Social Effects of Educational Institutions). Research Grant: RFH 12-33-01366


Three Moscow parishes. Main socio-demographic characteristics and attitudes of the large parish communities members. Research Grant: PSTGU

Theological Education and Confessional Universities in Contemporay World. Research Grant: PSTGU

Research on social assistance for homeless in governmental, community and religious organizations. Research Grant: PSTGU

Orthodox Monitor


Orthodox Сhurch Community Formation Factors at Urban Parish. Research Grant: PSTGU

Orthodox Church social work organization at Moscow parishes. Research Grant: PSTGU


Family and Child-bearing in Russia: Categories of Parental Mind. Research Grant: PSTGU