Living on Debt: Social Meaning of Debt in the Communal life in Russia. Research Grant: PSTGU

Duration of the project: 2014-2015

Project coordinator: Greg Yudin

Research team: Nikolay Emelyanov, Dana Assalauova, Polina Vrublevskaya, Ivan Zabaev, Vladimir Kartavtsev, Daria Oreshina, Ivan Pavlyutkin


About the project
Main objective of current project consists in providing an account of how debt relationships are embedded in communities, how ordinary communal life is changed by debt practices and establish the potential of communities in resisting the unrestrained growth of debts. The project concentrates on the social meaning of debt and its place in everyday life in communities.
This project combines theoretical and empirical research. Theoretical stage is aimed at synthesizing approaches to debt in different fields in order to attain new understanding of the role of debt in communal life. The design of empirical research enables us, firstly, to estimate the influence of involvement in communal life on debt burden and everyday debt practices, and secondly, to reveal the meaning of debt relationships for/within such important forms of collective life in Russia as local communities and parishes.

Fieldwork was completed in 2014, September. Empirical data include 108 in-depth interviews with representatives of local communities and parishes in Ryazanskaya and Arkhangelskaya regions.
Research results publication is planned for 2015.

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