Monitoring of church social workers: wave III

img13In May, 2016 as part of the project “Social work of Russian Orthodox Church in XXI century.” the 3rd wave of the Monitoring aimed at the investigation church social work was carried out. We’ve launched online survey for people, who passed the special training course by THE SYNODAL DEPARTMENT FOR CHURCH CHARITY AND SOCIAL SERVICE OF MOSCOW PATRIARCHATE*.

Questionnaire was designed not only for feedback which is valuable for Synodal Departement, but also for getting more information about various aspects of church social work, such as: popular activities, level of participation, volunteering, cooperation of priests and laity, funding, and so on.

Mostly the trainees of this year are currently engaged in parish social work which means that the survey data gives numerous insights about organization and implementation of church social work in Russia.

For more information about the project as well as for data-access please contact Batanova Polina or Oreshina Daria.

Monitoring is conducted within the framework of the program of PSTGU Development Foundation.

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