Research on social assistance for homeless in governmental, community and religious organizations. Research Grant: PSTGU

Project coordinator: Elena Pavlutkina

Duration of the project: 2011-2012

About the project

This research was started in 2011. It is based on the field data, including in-depth interviews and surveys survey of organizations that provide services for homeless people. Along with the field-work, international theory and practice is studied.
Wide experience on homelessness issues has been accumulated among organizations providing social services for homeless people. There is also a slight positive move in the state policy regarding homeless people. However, homelessness remains a crucial problem; the number of homeless people is not decreasing. The main objective of the research is to understand the effects of social assistance for homeless people and to find out what helps a person to “leave the street”.


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Pavlyutkina Elena. 2012. "«Binding» and Responsibility: Aspects of Non-Governmental Organizations’ Work with the Homeless. The Case of Religious Organizations." The Journal of Social Policy Studies, 4, 539-554.