Sociology of Religion researchers participated in the Annual Theological Conference at PSTGU, 20 December 2019

On 20 December 2019 at PSTGU as a part of the Annual Theological Conference the section on Religious Studies dedicated to “Religious Institutions and informal religiosity” was held. Researchers from Sociology of Religion laboratory Polina Vrublevskaya, Kirill Markin and Elena Prutskova participated in this section with the presentation “Towards the study of a ‘weak religiosity’ in Russia: elaboration and testing the empirical tool Faith-Q-Sort”.

This work was accomplished in the framework of the research project “The Invisible Religion” by T. Lukman: the origins of the concept and the possibility of using it for the analysis of contemporary Russian Orthodoxy funded by PSTGU Development Foundation in 2018-2020.

Additional info is available here in Russian.