2nd Workshop of the project “Religion and patterns of social and economic organization” with Dr. S.Huber (University of Bern, Switzerland). 10-12th of August 2016. PSTGU. Moscow.

ЗаголовокA workshop was organized by the “Sociology of Religion” research seminar on the 10-12th of July that was held as part of the joint Russian-Swiss project about the influence of religion on the models of social and economic organization. The project is supported by the RFH (grant No. 16-23-41006).
The Swiss side was represented by Dr. Stefan Huber.
During the workshop, three reports were presented by the Russian team. Elena Prutskova reported about some peculiarities of the social dimension of religiosity and its research, Daria Oreshina spoke about gift exchanges in parish communities, and Ivan Zabaev informed the participants about categories of business ethics in Orthodoxy.
Dr. Huber presented his vision of the operationalization of religiosity on the individual level, and talked about the project «Religion monitor» an active member of which he is. In particular, one of the most important components of this project is the Centrality of Religiosity Scale (CRS) in the psychological system of the individual, which was developed by Dr. Huber and his team. After each report, conducted a lively discussion. The professor spoke about his team at the University of Bern and the specialization of each of its participants. At the last seminar was revised project schedule for the coming year.