International Research Project “Young Adults and Religion in a Global Perspective” (YARG)

Duration: 2015 – 2018

Countries-participants: Ghana, Israel, India, Canada, China, Peru, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey, Finland, Sweden

Russian part of the project is conducted by “Sociology of religion” laboratory at St.Tikhon’s University.

Head of the project: Peter Nynas, Abo Akademi Centre of Excellence in Research (Finland)

Project coordinator in Russia: Polina Batanova

About the project

The research project seeks to expand scientific knowledge about the outlook and values ​​of young adults today.

The project is motivated by the fact that this is the first generation that grew up in a world saturated with new media; in the world of consumer culture and social movements. Also, a large amount of research shows that currently in various modern societies there are significant changes in beliefs, attitudes, values ​​and religious beliefs.

The purpose of this study is to assess the nature of the changes – values ​​and worldview – in connection with the alleged transformation of religion (religious feelings and practices, institutions, religious socialization, and so on.) under the influence of numerous factors in the age of late modernity. The object of the research is university students. The subject of research are worldviews and values ​​of today’s young adults who are currently studying at universities.

Empirical part

The empirical object of study in all participating countries are university students (bachelors and masters).

During 2016 two stages of data collection are being implemented:

  1. Quantitative survey among students (both live and online)
  2. Personal interviews with respondents who volunteered.

In Russia the emperical part was conducted at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow with the official permission and the assistance of the Center for Institutional Research.

Regarding all the further information please apply to Polina Batanova.



Polina Vrublevskaya presented on Anniversary International Conference of the Centre for Youth Studies (HSE – Saint-Petersburg) >>>

Polina Vrublevskaya presented at the fourth annual conference on Russian and East European Studies at the University of Tartu >>>


Researchers of the “Sociology of Religion” laboratory at PSTGU took part in the conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (June 17-21, Bern, Switzerland) >>>


Scholars of the “Sociology of Religion” laboratory participated in the second international conference “Impact of Religion” at the University of Uppsala (April 24-26, 2018) >>>


November 10, Polina Batanova presented her doctoral dissertation at the joint research seminar in Comparative Religion of Abo Akademi and University of Turku, Finland >>>


Polina Batanova attended the workshop of international research project “Young Adults and Religion in a Global perspective, 24 – 27 November, Abo Academy (Turku, Finland) >>>


5-6th August 2016, presentations by Polina Batanova and Daria Oreshina at Biblical Theological School “Stages of spiritual life” >>>


Conference of European Association for the Study of Religions: “Relocating Religion” >>>

Conference and workshop of international research project “Young Adults and Religion in a Global Perspective”, 18 – 25 October, Abo Academy (Turku, Finland) >>>

Relevant publications

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Vrublevskaya Polina. 2018. "Sacred beyond religion: cultivation of individuality in post-Christendom." Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network.