Theological Education and Confessional Universities in Contemporay World. Research Grant: PSTGU

Project coordinator: Ivan Pavlyutkin

Duration of the project: 2011

About the project

Preliminary results of St.Tikhon’s University case-study (2011) demonstrate, that Orthodox University education provides number of effects in various fields of students and graduates life (family, work, social life, etc.) changing their “quality of life” concept and consequently – their way of life in practice. The presupposition of the research is, that Orthodox University conditions the specific type of youth formation, which distinguishes both from non-confessional universities and other types of religious/confessional education institutions. The outcomes of Confessional University education, measured not in common terms of “career success” and “income growth”, but in terms of significant for country development indicators (family, number of children, alcoholism and other types of risk behavior, health, life satisfaction, social engagement, civil agency) on the one hand, and factors, which condition this outcomes on the other are the subjects of the research project.


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