5th Workshop of the project “Religion and Patterns of Social and Economic Organization”. 6th July 2017. University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Exif_JPEG_420July 6, 2017, an international seminar took place at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). The seminar was conducted in the framework of a joint Russian-Swiss project to study the influence of religion on the social and economic organization of society. The project was supported by a grant from RFBR 16-23-41006.

The Swiss side was represented by Dr. Stefan Huber and Karin Mykytjuk-Hitz. The Russian side was represented by Ivan Zabaev and Elena Prutskova. During the seminar, the course and the first results of the quantitative and qualitative stages of our study were discussed. As for the qualitative stage, a triangulation procedure was carried out, the encoding of the interview texts done by the Russian and Swiss side were compared, the inconsistencies in the codificators were considered, and the problems of translating the interviews were discussed. Concerning the quantitative stage, the results of the pretest of the quantitative questionnaire in Switzerland and Russia were discussed, as well as the problems that arose with the application of the scales developed for measuring the ethics of vocation and humility and economic attitudes. The results of factor analysis on the basis of the developed scales were considered, the changes that should be made to the questionnaire as the result of the pretest were discussed.