The internship-program “Researcher in Residence” at Radboud University (Neymigen, Netherlands)

rbuFrom 1 to 30 November 2015 Ivan Zabaev took part in the internship-program “Researcher in Residence” with the support of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and Radboud University (Neymigen, Netherlands). During the stay at the host university Ivan gave a series of lectures on the topics:

1. Religion in the society with forced secularization experience: is it possible to speak about religious revival?
2. Humility and The Gift: The Elective Affinity of Institutions and Ethics in Orthodox Parishes.

Internship is a part of research programs offered by PSTGU Development Fund in 2015 and was associated with the study of the effects of religiosity in different spheres, as well as with researchfield “Religion and the family”.