5-6th August 2016, presentations by Polina Batanova and Daria Oreshina at Biblical Theological School “Stages of spiritual life”

M_tQG04ouawFrom July 31 to August 11 Iversky Monastery (Valdai) hosted an annual Biblical Theological School, organized by the Department for Youth of Novgorod Diocese. This year’s school main topic sounded like “Stages of spiritual life.”

On 5th August in a lecture session Daria Oreshina presented a paper: “Parish partnership”: cooperation of the clergy and laity as a factor of parish-based social work development in contemporary Russia”. The report is based on the empirical results of two research projects: “Social Work Organization on the Russian Orthodox Church Parishes in the First half of XXI. Sociological Analysis (Research Grant: RFH 12-03-00565)” and “The Online Course on Church Social Ministry Participants Survey (2015-2016)”.

ljMyI1uL5sEThe next day, the 6th August, Polina Batanova contributed to the set of lectures with the talk “About what’s important: study on a world outlook of young people”. The presentation is prepared on the basis of empirical data collected in Russia in the framework of the international research project “Young adults and Religion in a Global Perspective“, implemented under the leadership of Professor Peter Nynas at Åbo Akademi (Turku, Finland).