Parish social work of the Orthodox Church in modern Russia: structure and scope of activities

1The infographics present the structure of the social activities of the Orthodox Church at the parish level in Russia today and allows understanding of various types of social projects and assistance practices in the dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Parishes are voluntary communities of believers where, apart from religious life (liturgy, sacraments, prayers), people do something together, cooperate with other organizations, help each other and those in need, even beyond the parish itself. Social work of local churches can be invisible for people whose daily life does not intersect with parish, as the events of the parish level are rarely presented in the media. At the same time, parish communities build up definitely the most developed network of public associations that are present in the most remote corners of the country and provide social support in varying degrees.

The presented data cover different aspects of social activity of parish communities. We hope that the proposed results will contribute to the interest of researchers in this topic.

The work was carried out within the framework of the long-term research project “Social work of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 21st century” with the support of the Foundation for Development of the PSTGU in 2016-2017.

When using data, the reference is required.

For more details please contact Daria Oreshina, Valeria Elagina, and Polina Batanova.

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