On Community: Sociological Theories and Research Approaches

Seminar: On Community: Sociological Theories and Research Approaches

Dates: January 2017 -

Secretary of the seminar: Polina Batanova

Project: Social Work of Russian Orthodox Church in XXI Century

About the seminar

The community is one of the central categories of fundamental theoretical sociology from classics to the present day. Regardless of the field of ​​social science — be it religion, education, family, etc. — there is always a need to choose one or another approach to understanding and defining what should be called a community. The community belongs to a number of those sociological categories that, on the one hand, are also comprehended in ordinary language (that is, they are not strictly scientific terms), but, on the other hand, with difficulty are given to objectification in reality. What is a community? How is it possible to identify or point to it?

Often the conceptualizations of the community are not being expressed directly, but rather implicated within the research of various phenomena, such as kinship, trust, collective action, social capital, and so on. The seminar “On Community” is aimed at a detailed consideration of classical and modern theories, in which community is actualized.

Seminar program

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