Family studies

Seminar: Family studies

Dates: May – July 2017

Secretary of the seminar: Olga Borisova


About the seminar

The key aim of the workshop is to discuss drafts of the articles and project proposals on the topics of family issues in order to prepare presentations for scientific conferences, publications, applications for grants. Each seminar is recorded; materials are collected (texts, presentations).

It is planned to continue this seminar in 2018 and to focus the discussions not only on drafts of the articles but also on theoretical and empirical research on different aspects of family life.

Seminar program

In 2017 several participants presented their works on the seminar:

Klestova Alena (Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University) The operationalization of the concept of humility for the Orthodox tradition on the basis of interviews with large families.

Khatsko Daria (HSE) What Do Young Adults Think about Their Future Family? The Meaning of Life Experience in the Parental Family.

Borisova Olga (Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University) The ‘Involved Fatherhood’ Determinants in Cross-Country Analysis: the Role of Value Orientations and Structural Constraints

Goleva Maria (Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University) The Social Meaning of Time in Family (The Case of Large Families).

Mikhailova Yana, Mikhailov Vladimir (HSE, Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University) Meanings and Practices in the Sphere of Christians’ Relations and Marriages.

Conroy Natalia (HSE) The Institute of Godparents: Literature Review.