Online seminar “Religiosity in the sociological perspective”, May 21, 2020

On May 21, 2020, a scientific seminar “Religiosity in the sociological perspective” was held. It was organized by the “Sociology of religion” laboratory at St. Tikhon’s University (Moscow) together with the “Sociology of religion, culture and communications” laboratory at Belgorod State University (Belgorod). The seminar was held online. The seminar was opened by S. Lebedev, who gave a presentation on the topic “Basic approaches to the sociological analysis of religiosity: the experience of typologization.” Then K. Markin, P. Vrublevskaya and E. Prutskova presented the report “ ‘Weak religiosity’: formulation of the problem and development of a new approach to religiosity measurement using Q-methodology”, in which they talked about the results of the project “ ‘The Invisible Religion’ by T. Lukman: the origins of the concept and the possibility of using it for the analysis of contemporary Russian Orthodoxy”. E. Prutskova in collaboration with I. Zabaev made a report “The Calling and Humility Scale: sociological dimension of the economic ethics of Christian confessions”, prepared on the basis of the results of the project “Religion and patterns of social and economic organization. Elective affinity between religion and economy in Christian denominations in Switzerland and Russia”. Information about the seminar and its full record is available at the “Sociology of Religion” portal.