October 7th 2016. archpriest N. Emelianov, deacon A. Chernyi and K.Alexin Took Part in the Workshop on Contemporary Problems of Pastoral Theology in The University of Vienna

20161007_121641On October 7th, as a part of a project ‘Priest in the Modern World’ a workshop on contemporary problems of pastoral theology took place in The University of Vienna. The meeting was chaired by Paul Michael Zulehner, Professor Emeritus of the Institute of Practical Theology.

Within the workshop, archpriest Nikolai Emelyanov and Professor Paul Zulehner signed the Agreement on cooperation on academical projects between the “Sociology of Religion” Laboratory and the Institute of Practical Theology of the Faculty of Catholic Theology.

Archpriest Nikolai Emelyanov presented a paper “Temporal Structures of the Activities of an Orthodox Priest and the Substantive Effects of Religious Life: Theological Perspective”. In addition, in the course of the workshop two research projects were discussed with Prof. P.Zulehner: “The Image of Priest in the Russian Theology of the Synodal Period” by deacon Aleksey Chernyi and «Pastoral Traditions and their Influence on the Implicit Theology of Modern Russian Priests” by Kirill Aleksin.

Research project “Priest in the Modern World” is supported by the PSTGU Development Foundation and aimed at studying the ministry of the priests in the theological, sociological, historical and historical-philosophical perspectives. Several research fellows prepare PhD theses at the University of Vienna under the supervising of Professor P. Zulehner.