1st Workshop of the project “Religion and patterns of social and economic organization” with Dr. M.Hainz (Munich School of Philosophy, Germany). 6-7th of July 2016. PSTGU. Moscow.

1A workshop was organized by the “Sociology of Religion” research seminar on the 6-7th of July that was held as part of the joint Russian-Swiss project about the influence of religion on the models of social and economic organization. The project is supported by the RFH (grant No. 16-23-41006).

IMG_20160706_155121The Swiss side was represented by Dr. Michael Hainz.

IMG_20160706_105023During the workshop, three reports were presented by the Russian team. Elena Prutskova reported about some peculiarities of the social dimension of religiosity and its research, Daria Oreshina spoke about gift exchanges in parish communities, and Ivan Zabaev informed the participants about categories of business ethics in Orthodoxy. Dr. Michael Hainz presented three reports as well. The first one discussed six functions (methods) of the influence of religion on the economy. In the second report, the market model of the economy and its context in the modern world were analyzed in detail. The third report was dedicated to the projects realized by Dr. Hainz. E.g., he referred to the research conducted in Poland to study the way religiosity of Polish entrepreneurs affected their activities. The last workshop was finished with the final discussion.

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