XXIV International Christmas Educational Readings (January 25-27, 2016)

r14January, 26, Moscow, Russia, St.Tikhon’s Orthodox University.
Within the Readings, the section “Cultivation of Charity and Mercy: a path of a lifetime”, organized by the St.Tikhon’s Orthodox University department of Social work and Synodal Department For Charity and Social Ministry, was conducted. Within the section, Daria Oreshina presented a paper: “Parish partnership”: cooperation of the clergy and laity as a factor of parish-based social work development in contemporary Russia”. The report is based on the empirical results of two research projects: “Social Work Organization on the Russian Orthodox Church Parishes in the First half of XXI. Sociological Analysis (Research Grant: RFH 12-03-00565)” and “The Online Course on Church Social Ministry Participants Survey (2015-2016)”.

Presentation in russian is avaliable here.