Research fellows of the research laboratory “Sociology of Religion” made presentations at the All-Russian Conference “Research on Religion: Past, Present, Future” (Moscow, 21-22 April 2023)

On 21 April 2023 E. Yurchenko gave a presentation on “Clergy Narratives on the Sacrament of Baptism in Pre-Revolutionary and Modern Russia” at the All-Russian Conference organised by the Centre for the Study of Religion at Russian State University for the Humanities and the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the Orthodox Svyato-Tikhonovsky University – “Research on Religion: Past, Present, Future”. The report was reviewed. The material was prepared as part of the work on the project “The Social Significance of Cross Kinship in Contemporary Russia” (as part of the Scholarly Research Program of the Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University Development Foundation and the Active TraditionFoundation in 2021 – 2023).
On the same day, E. Prutskova, a research fellow at the “Sociology of Religion”, and V. Mikhailov, a student at PSTGU, presented their report, titled “Does religiosity contribute to the formation of social capital in Russia? Analysis using the “Resource Generator” technique.”