THE MONOGRAPH «The Sea of Life: How Large Families Are Born in Modern Russia» was published

The key research question of the monograph is “How do large families born and live in modern Russia?” The book bases on in-depth interviews with parents with many children. It is shown the creation of a large family is a complex process of family transition, which is realized by the parents of several children in connection with certain turning points in their biography. At the same time, such a transition is difficult to make without being embedded in a family-friendly environment. Special attention is paid to the understanding of intra-family relations of spouses with many children in connection with the relational vision of marriage, as well as the analysis of intra-family processes in families with children in the context of the social meanings of time. The hypotheses on the transition to a large family and the social organization of life in families with many children were tested on a survey of parents with many children. The presented monograph will give readers an opportunity to take a fresh look at the processes of fertility and family dynamics in modern Russia.

The monograph was prepared during the implementation of the project “The Paradox of Interrelation between Religion and Family in Modern Russia” supported by the Russian Science Foundation in a form of a grant (project № 18-78-10089). The grant was given to Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University.

Pavlyutkin Ivan, Goleva Mariia, Borisova Olga. 2021. The Sea of Life: How Large Families Are Born in Modern Russia. Moscow: PSTGU.

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