The monograph “Godparents and Godchildren in Russia (Based on Sociological Survey)” was published

The analytical report, prepared by Olga Borisova, presents the results of a sociological study on the state of the institution of godparenthood. Representative national survey conducted in 2020 (1549 respondents) is a unique research that attempts to estimate the rate and features of this phenomenon in modern Russia. The survey includes questions to analyze the scale of baptism practice at the country level and in the context of individual social groups. More than 80% of Russians are baptized, and 39% of them are godparents themselves. The data fixes differences in models of godparenthood between young and older generations, men and women, more and less religious respondents. Moreover, it has been shown that despite its originally religious nature, this phenomenon went beyond the church. Both practicing and non-practicing believers become godparents, and also those who do not consider themselves to be believers at all; children are baptized in non-religious families likewise. Only one godparent of five teaches their godchildren religion and tells them about God. The frequent choice of relatives or close friends to be the godparent indicates that this institution is closely associated with family and friendly relationships.

The report was prepared within the framework of the project «The social significance of the godparenthood in modern Russia» (supported by Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University and the Active Tradition Foundation).

Borisova Olga. 2022. Godparents and Godchildren in Russia (Based on Sociological Survey). Moscow: Publishing House of Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University.

The book is available on the website of the Publishing House of Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University.