Publication of the second issue almanac “Lodka” by independent research group SREDA

2The independent research group “SREDA” published the second edition of the almanac “Lodka”.
Present issue is devoted to the current state, problems and prospects of parish life and prepared under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University Igor Ryazantsev. His opening remarks preceed a section devoted to research
studies of parish life. Readers are invited to the number of interviews, results of surveys, reports after the closed roundtable and even dreams of priests and laity of the parish constitution.
Our collegues also made their contributions. Ivan Zabaev gave expert interview “Parish is quite a complex social formation”.
Elena Prutskova published an article “Not only liturgy: Non-liturgical aspects of Orthodox parish life.”
Daria Oreshina prepared a review of the scientific literature in the section “Liturature on parish”.

Full Issue of “Lodka” №2 2016 is available here.