Civic Engagement of Universities in Russia (Social Effects of Educational Institutions). Research Grant: RFH 12-33-01366

Research grant: RFH (12-33-01366)

Project coordinator: Ivan Pavlutkin
Research team: Emelyanov Nikolay, Kozmina Yana, Safronov Roman, Ivan Zabaev

Duration of the project: 2012-2013

About the project

There is a long tradition in economics and sociology of looking at higher education as a good, engaged in the production of private, social and public benefits. It is hard even to question such positive effects as it is taken for granted and supported by results of research that access to higher education stimulates economic growth, reduces crime, and increases the level of social capital and safety and etc. In comparison with many developed and developing countries, Russia can be considered a specific case, where two contradictory trends could be observed during 1990th and 2000 – increasing number of students and population with higher education and decreasing level of social welfare.

The goal of the research project is to objectify the idea of the civic engagement of universities in Russian higher education and provide the appropriate methodology to assess its effects. The project is aimed at bringing new theoretical and empirical insights in the conceptualization of higher education and the public good.

First stage of the project was completed in 2011 (the research “Theological Education and Confessional Universities in Contemporay World”)

Research results publication is planned for the end of 2013.

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