Seminar № 6 project: Fertility and social support networks: determinants of large families’ formation

P_20160210_155238Date: 10.02.16

Participants: Nikolay EmeliyanovIvan PavlyutkinElena PrutskovaElena MelkumyanYana KozminaJulia KoloshenkoOlga BorisovaMariia Goleva.

The seminar was dedicated to the design of research instruments and the development of the guide (a questionnaire for the qualitative part of the survey). The workshop was aimed at changing the structure of the guide and highlighting the neglected in the conducted testing interviews themes with reference to the aims and hypotheses of the research, the data received during the preparation of analytical reviews, and analysis of the transcripts of initial interviews. The key questions discussed were 1) the blocks of the guide (in which of them questions should be added or deleted), and 2) methodological issues (for example, how the talk should be constructed).

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