Research group of the project «Analysis of the Time-Budget and Types of Activities of Priests» finished a set of field-research

Team of partisipants (Tatiana Krihtova, Cyril Alexin, Evgenia Nadezhdina and Yana Lokteva) had observed the life of Orthodox clergy in Tver, Moscow, Kaluga, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Tomsk and Sverdlovsk regions, Kuban and Russian Far East.

In the expedition to the Saint-Petersburg two students of the Theology department participated (Denis Savchenko and Dmitry Markov). Although they used to study quite a different disciplinary field, both of them discovered field methods with an enthusiasm and were very helpful at team work.

Here are some examples of activities during the field-work: 1. Visiting resuscitation department in the Sclifosovsky Instityte
2. Helping for a family with 11 children
3. Working in a kitchen-garden
4. Ecumenical meetings
5. Service in the prison
Moreover, a big number of sermons, meetings, lectures and communications in chapels, schools, hospitals and houses.
From now on the research-group is working on analysis of the empirical data and preparation of the articles.