Nikolay Emeliyanov recieved the Doctor of Philosophy degree

IMG_2392December 6th Nikolay Emeliyanov successfully defended his Doctoral Thesis and recieved the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

The title of his Thesis is “The Role of a Priest in the Formation of Religious Practices in Contemporary Russian Orthodox Church”.

Research of N.Emeliyanov discusses important and largely disregarded in russian social and religious studies subject – the role of clergy in the religious situation in contemporary Russia.

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Main issues of the research are presented in the scientific articles by the author:

Emeliyanov Nikolay. 2017. "An Analysis of Secularization in Russia from the Supply Side." Christian Reading, 1, 152-188.

Emeliyanov Nikolay. 2016. "The issue of the number of priests in the USA and the UK in the second half of the 20th century." Vestnik PSTGU. Series I: Theology. Philosophy 3 (65), 89-111, Moscow: PSTGU.

Emeliyanov Nikolay. 2016. "The temporal structure of the activities of priests and the substantive effects of religious life in contemporary Russia." Russian Sociological Review, №4 (15), pp.176-201.