Fifth All-Russian Congress of Sociology. 19 – 21 October. Ural Federal University

UrFU.jpgFrom the 19th to 21th of October the Fifth All-Russian Sociological Congress “Sociology and Society: social inequality and social justice” took place in the Ural Federal University named after the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
On the 20th of October the Head of the Scientific Laboratory “Sociology of Religion” Archpriest Nikolay Emeliyanov presented a paper on “Temporal structure of the activities of an orthodox priest and the substantive effects of religious life”. The paper was prepared as a part of the research project “Priest in modern world” (Research grant: PSTGU).
On the same day Kirill Markin, a researcher form the Scientific Laboratory “Sociology of Religion”, presented the report “Individual and social dimension of religiosity”. The report included a survey structure of “Religion Monitor” – 2008 as an example of one of the most successful attempts to measure religiosity at the individual level, and the analysis of the social component of religiosity based on the “Orthodox Monitor” survey data. The research carried out in the framework of the RHF grant No. 16-23-41006 “Religion and patterns of social and economic organization. Elective affinity between religion and economy in Christian denominations in Switzerland and Russia” in 2016.