Polina Batanova attended the workshop of international research project “Young Adults and Religion in a Global perspective, 24 – 27 November, Abo Academy (Turku, Finland)

abo24 – 27 November 2016 in the framework of international research project “Young Adults and Religion in a Global perspective” (YARG) in Turku, Finland, the second annual workshop for researchers from the participating countries (Finland, Sweden, USA, Canada, Peru, Ghana India, China, Israel, Turkey, Poland, Russia) took place.

The project “Young Adults and Religion in a Global perspective” is devoted to the study of values ​​and worldviews of today’s youth as they relate to the religious, historical and cultural context of each country. The set of participating countries is very nontrivial, which guarantees the uniqueness of the data and promises many discoveries in the field of comparative religion. To date, the project is at the stage of analysis of the data and preparation of reporting publications.

As last year, Polina Batanova participated at workshop and presented the russian part of the YARG as research assistant.

15170952_1796475410613812_6222050180389105993_nThis year the seminar was timed to the completion of the field work and was devoted to the discussion of the preliminary results, methodological and practical aspects. The next steps involve the preparation of joint publications in multiple formats: thematic volumes, handbooks and manuals, journals’ special issues, the web-page of the project and others. At the meeting it was agreed about the structure of volumes, the possible co-authored publications’ topics and the project schedule for next year. The next working meeting is planned for the winter of 2018 and will include a discussion of draft versions of joint publications.