Workshop “Pastoral ministry in the modern world: theological and sociological perspectives” with Dr. Paul M. Zulehner (the University of Vienna, Austria)


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фото 4July 8-10, as a part of a project “Priest in the modern world” a workshop with Dr. Paul Zulehner took place at St.Tikhon’s University. In the course of the workshop methodological bases of pastoral theology, dissertation projects of the participants and the design of current research were discussed.

Paul Michael Zulehner is a pastoral theology professor in the University of Vienna (Austria). The greatest specialist in pastoral and practical theology in German-speaking countries, he is the author of dozens of articles and monographs, among which is a four-volume “Pastoral Theology”. Dr. Zulehner possesses unique experience in studying church practices – under his guidance was conducted an unprecedented study of modern Catholic priesthood in German-speaking countries [Zulehner P. M. Priester im Modernisierungsstress. 2001]. Being retired, Dr. Paul M. Zulehner leads an active scientific life, conducts lectures in different countries and provides academic supervision for diissertation papers.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul M. Zulehner’s personal web page: