TASS announced about the project «Fertility and social support networks: determinants of large families’ formation»

на страничку проектаIn 2016 the Laboratory “Sociology of Religion” is leading the research project “Fertility and social support networks: determinants of large families’ formation“. The project gets support from state funds as a grant in accordance with the Presidential Decree of 01/04/2015 number 79-rp and on the basis of competition held by the Fund ISEPR. The project involves laboratory staff: Ivan Zabaev, Nikolay Emeliyanov, Ivan Pavlyutkin, Elena Prutskova, Daria Oreshina, Polina Vrublevskaya, Yana Kozmina, Maria Goleva, Yulia Koloshenko, Olga Borisova.

To the present time the quantitative survey in three federal districts, as well as series of in-depth interviews in Moscow, Arkhangelsk and Vladimir regions were conducted. In addition, the project involves the preparation of publications on the subject, the first of which was the review article “Social Networks and fertility“ by Maria Goleva and Ivan Pavlyutkin, which was published in the Journal of HSE “Economic Sociology”, vol.17, n.1, 2016.
The main results were also presented on the website “Open Economy”, “Social connections affect fertility“. Also note on the study was published by the Central Russian state news agency “Tass” in the “Science” section, “Russian scientists will investigate how social networks affect large families“.

As part of the research on family and fertility Laboratory contacts the Center for Family’ Research at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart; Director of the Center – Giovanna Rossi studies topics such as “Community, family associations and social policy”, “Family life cycle. Teens and young adults”, “Family and Culture “, “Forms of Parenthood”, “Relations in the pair”.